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"We need to be in nature, to return to our true nature, to be held and awed by it, to love it wildly.
We fight to save what we love."
The Cradle Mountain Hike
Tasmania, Australia
This hike in Central-West Tasmania, also called The Overland Track, is one of the most famous in the world, and it would have to be in part for its pristineness. Explore
The Royal National Park Hike
Sydney, Australia
The Uloola Track is a train-station-to-train-station hike in the Royal National Park and is a stunning day outing from Sydney in Australia's first (and the world's second!) national park. Explore

The Grose Valley Hike
Blue Mountains, Australia
A strenuous but stunning multi day hike out of Blackheath that encapsulates the "best of" the Blue Mountains - Victoria Falls, the Blue Gum forest, Acacia Flats and the Govetts Leap falls. Explore
Dorset–Somerset–Wilshire Hike, England
A four day pub-to-pub hike that will see you cross the Dorset - Somerset– Wilshire borders. You will enjoy the wilderness by day and then land in civilisation each evening with a warm bed and traditional authentic British food. Explore
The Lake District Hike
Cumbria, England
A steep, brooding climb up toward Kirkstone Pass, the highest point in the Lake District from the quaint town of Ambleside. It's not the most populated walk in the District…which is much of the appeal. Explore
St Ives to Penzance Hike
Cornwall, England
The historic pirate route around the southwest coast of England is a wild and woolly single trail that hugs the Cornish coastline... with lots of foodie options on route. Explore
Joshua Tree National Park
Palm Springs, California
The best way to experience the surreal landscape of the Joshua Tree National Park is to hike it. It's not a massive park, and the hikes aren't long, which surprised me when I got there. But there are a good two dozen to choose from. Explore
Eagle Rock Hike
Los Angeles, California
The Eagle Rock hike is one of Topanga State Park's highlights and is only an hour from Venice Beach. It features Sycamore-scattered SoCal topography, with meadows, boulders and some of the best views in the park.. Explore
The John Muir Trail
Sierra Nevada, California
The Agnew Meadow to Thousand Island Lake to Ediza loop is a multi-day adventure and is a great way to experience parts of the stand-out bits of the infamous John Muir and PCT trails. Explore
The Samariá Gorge Trail
Crete, Greece
A 16km downhill excursion through the rugged White Mountains of Crete and through the longest gorge in Europe, winding you up on the shores of the Mediterranean. Explore
The Heididorf Hike
Maienfeld, Switzerland
Follow in the footsteps of the children's book character Heidi along one of the many spectacular hikes that spiderweb out from the quaint Swiss Alps hiking hub village of Sils Maria. Explore
The Julian Alps Hike, Slovenia
A hiking, biking and rafting extreme adventure over the Julian Alps and down the Soca River, staying in traditional huts each night with some luxury thrown in. Explore
The White Mountain Trail
Crete, Greece
The hot and hard, up-and-back climb to the summit of Mount Gigilos is a great way to experience the "high desert" moon landscape of the White Mountains. Explore
The Kumano Kodo Hike
Kii Hanto, Japan
A magical, albeit tough, pilgrimage route that crisscross the Kii Hanto, south of Osaka and Kyoto. It passes through cypress forests, towns untouched by modernity and charming onsen. Explore
Wadi Rum Hike, Jordan
Be led by a Bedouin shephard through this 60km valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in southern Jordan. It's a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the world's most spectacular sites.Explore
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